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Vitamin D Newsletter

High-Pressure & Spray Tanning

Achieve a luxurious, fantastic glow with the high-pressure and spray tanning services of Supertan. Our company gives you the golden color you desire with our quick and effective tanning services.

Ultra Bronze Tanning

Save time by using our high-pressure tanners. Our high-tech equipment provides you with color results immediately! While low-pressure tanning beds require up to ten visits to establish a base tan, a high-pressure bed requires only three to four. Maintaining a tan has never been easier. A few visits a month is enough to sustain the dark golden color you crave.

Girl Tanning on the Beach


Tanning is the body's natural defense mechanism for protection against the sun's rays. Normally, the outer layer of skin exfoliates every 28 days, but when exposed to high concentrations of UVB rays, or reddening rays, the body is forced to exfoliate prematurely every five to ten days. High-Pressure tanners filter out most of the UVB rays so your skin is able to maintain normal exfoliation and stay darker longer.

Request our high-pressure and spray tanning services, and receive the golden color you want.

Mystic Spray Tanning

Enjoy beautifully bronzed skin when you step out of a Mystic UV-free session. With the convenience of tanning in seconds and results lasting up to seven days, you are guaranteed to love the way you look and feel. Mystic Tan didn't only invent spray-on tanning, it perfected it!


The secret to our success is our premier application process. All booths come with MagneTan™ technology, which uses your body's own magnetism to attract Mystic Tan tanning mist to every exposed surface of your skin. When the tanning mist passes through the spray nozzles in a Mystic Tan booth, the micro-particles of the mist become polarized and take on the characteristic of "tiny magnets". When you stand on the MagneTan™ plate in a Mystic Tan booth, the particles adhere evenly over your skin.